Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sensors, Seniors, and Independent Living

If you have aging parents, chances are good that at some point in the recent past you have wondered "hmmm, that is odd, why didn't they answer the phone?".  If you are like me, which you may not be, your mind starts churning out scary scenarios.  As an estate planning and probate attorney, people pay me to see bad scenarios and plan accordingly.  It is a hard function to shut off.  And so, numerous times I've found myself wondering if I should drive over to my mom's house to check on her when she doesn't pick up the phone.

Then in Sunday's paper there was an interesting article about sensors monitoring a residents bathroom use, waking time, etc.  The sensors detect when a person, in this case a senior, is up and about.  Patterns can be determined and irregularities detected.  The fee is rather modest, far less than assisted living.  However, some seniors feel it it TMI - too much information.  I can understand that concern, but if it allows one to live in their own home with a safety net -- I'm all for it.  Now I just have to convince my mother.....

How about you -- yes or no to the sensors?  Share your thoughts and leave a comment.

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