Friday, July 27, 2012

Looking Forward to the Capital City 5k Saturday

Tomorrow marks the second time I will have run a 5k this year.  My running efforts were sidelined following the birth of our son in 2008 and our daughter in 2010.  My work as an estate planning attorney has motivated me to change that practice, and is behind my decision to run the Capital City 5k this weekend.

An evening run was appealing; what a great "date night" with my husband.  The sitter arrives at 5:30.  We'll drive to the Goodman pool, park, catch the shuttle to the Square and run back for the pool party.  The evening will result in:

  • quality time with my spouse;
  • a solid workout;
  • raise funds for the kidney foundation;
  • set an example of community and healthy living for our young children; and
  • give us a write off on our taxes.
When you spend your week counseling people about death and illness, it motivates you to make your life the best possible.  There is no dress rehearsal or second chance. Make the most of your time.  Make that time the best quality you can.  You won't get a second opportunity.  Clients pay me in dollars for the work I do for them, but their stories give me the greater gift of awareness that life is finite, and it is not knowledge I wish to squander.  And so I will run....even though it will be a challenge.

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