Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Lawyer in the Doctor's Office

Earlier today I waited patiently in the exam room for a doctor.  I questioned the visit, but in the end was happy I went.  Turns out that at age 39 I had an ear infection.  And according to the doctor, if you were a baby you'd be screaming your head off!  

While waiting I noticed that the wall calendar was compliments of Agrace Hospice care.  Odd choice for a family doctor's office.  Not the exact message I may want, or maybe it was an intentional reminder that we all face the same destination.

Beyond treating my inflamed ear, I was interviewing this doctor to be my primary care physician as I prepare to enter a new decade, and tackle the new health standards that will follow.  Yes, you read that correctly, I was interviewing her.  Will we work together, etc.  My decision to screen doctors was reinforced this past week when reading the 3-part series in the Wisconsin State Journal about medical malpractice and other horrors.  More than ever it seems, it is essential for patients to be proactive in doctor selection.

How about you -- did you interview your doctor prior to establishing a relationship?

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