Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Following the WPS Health Insurance Blog

Ever the bookworm, my love of reading includes the world of blogs.  I read them, comment on them, and write one (and occasionally two).  Recently added to my blog list here is a new one, created by WPS Health Insurance.  It's creation came to my attention when reading the Winter 2013 Quarterly Flier put out by the company.  WPS is the provider for my family -- we have an individual rather than group policy.  Don't know the difference, check out their blog post explaining the difference.  I think I will get a lot of use of site as I am always curious about how to improve our health, prevent accidents, and follow developments in the business of health care.  

How about you -- what are your favorite blogs?  I always love finding new sources of reading material.  So please leave a comment with a link and I will take a look.

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