Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Comfort for Children Who Have Lost Someone Dear

Being someones estate planning and probate attorney means I define words like "issue" and "codicil".  It means I review papers for proper signatures and dates.  And a lot of times I am asked to provide names of other professionals who can assist.  From CPAs to financial planners to therapists, I have contacted information on hand when asked.  And now I can add a new resource to my folder, Camp HOPE.

A few weeks ago it was profiled in our free weekly paper here in Madison, The Isthmus.  Profile what seems to be a nurturing and much needed non-profit, the camp provides a safe and nurturing place for children who have lost a loved one.  Primarily those who have lost a parent, but also for those who have had a close friend, teacher or other family member die.  Down the road from the children's camp is one for adults.  It is held three times a year: May, October and February.

Knowing the pain that is being eased makes my heart feel heavy, but as a parent I am thankful that children are receiving skilled care -- for FREE.  The camp is run on donations gathered by its founders, Becky and Marty Loy.

Hats off to them for turning their own grief (it was founded after the death of their infant daughter) into a source of comfort for countless children.

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