Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013!

It's here, a new year.  And along with switching to a new wall calendar, I like millions of others will begin 2013 with a resolution for my legal practice.
In 2013 I vow to form Team Gustafson Law Office for the Annual Heart Association Heart walk and raise $2500.  That will more than double the amount I raised as an individual walker in 2012.
There you have it....keep reading and see if I make my goal.  The 2013 Heart Walk for Dane County Wisconsin is scheduled for Saturday, October 5th (oh how I love other Type As who plan over a year in advance!).

Image by M. Gustafson Gervasi, 2012

Why the heart walk?  It has long been a favored non-profit organization due to the nearly 25 years my mother has fought heard disease.  And just in the past few months my father-in-law has joined the ranks for those battling heart disease.  And beyond those who suffer later in life, there is the constant knowledge that a dear friend of mine has nursed her son since before he his birth.  Many are born with severe heart complications, and thanks to the wonders of science and medicine grow up and are able to play soccer and lead a healthy, active life.  But we can always do more, do better, help more people.  And that is why I will walk once again this year.  Feel free to join me on walk day, or to make a donation!

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