Monday, January 14, 2013

Dying Wish Granted, Screening of New Star Trek Movie

Reading one of my favorite blogs last week I noticed this short post about how a Star Trek fan with a terminal cancer was granted his wish to view the yet-to-be-released film Star Trek Into Darkness.  Playing out almost like a script out of Hollywood, the cancer patient passed away one day after viewing the film.

Official Teaser for the upcoming film

All too often the work I do and stories I read are full of sadness and loss.  Something about this story puts a smile on my face.  Knowing that the powerhouse of Hollywood took a chance and shared a film with a life long fan reminds us the simple joys we can give to others.  And being married to a huge Star Trek fan I know that such an act fits well into the Stark Trek enterprise (as in brand, not the ship).  I also now know that a new film is coming, and I best find out its release date and put it on our calendar as we will be required to be there.  The only unknown is whether our son will be old enough to join us in line.

Given the chance, what would have been your wish if you were in this man's shoes?  My personal choice would be to any forthcoming book published by Wally Lamb. I don't know of any at the moment, but wow that man can write!

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CJ said...

I would say the Star Trek franchise.

I wonder if the producers of the film are getting other requests from the terminally ill.