Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why I Didn't Get a Flu Shot....Even Though It Was On My To-Do List

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Shame on me, no flu shot this year.  The reasons why are worth examination.  Knowing the obstacles might just increase the chances of more vaccinations in years to come.

  1. I'm not pregnant nor are my children one and under.  Yes, I admit that while bringing new life into this world I was more exacting with my health.  I ate right, slept more, avoided caffeine, and got a flu shot;
  2. Walk-in clinics at Target and other pharmacies aren't exactly easy.  Most trips include having my children in tow (imagine shopping with Thing One and Thing Two from a Dr. Seuss book), so my focus is to get in, get our stuff, and get out.  Making a stop that requires me removing the layers we all wear here in the Upper Midwest to receive a shot is not easy.  And if it is not easy, well, it slides on my priority list....even though it should not;
  3. My doctor's office requires an appointment.  Seriously?  If there were a walk-in clinic that also worked well with the hours our sitter is available it would be far easier to work into my schedule.  Maybe they did offer a clinic, if so, word never reached my in-box; and
  4. It hurts.  I know that my arm will be soar afterwards and I don't need one more thing zapping my energy these days.  Yes, I know how serious the flu is....I do know better.  But knowing and doing are two different things.
And there you have my confession.  An estate planning and probate attorney who neglected to get a flu shot.  Antibacterial hand wash is stashed in my car, my office, and my bag.  I am doing my best to minimize my chances of transmission.  And I pledge to be a bit more on the ball next flu season.  I'm human, and share this because so are millions more.  Made just a bit easier, I may have had a different outcome this year.

How about you -- flu shot, yes or no?  

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